The right appliances can help you live this lifestyle. This juice extractor is no exception - offering huge amounts of power with each and every use. Whether it’s fruit or vegetables, this product can extract vast quantities of juice, helping you get that great taste you’re looking for. Here’s a closer look at this appliance and how it works. This centrifugal juicer has a range of exciting features to boast about, including: it couldn’t be simpler to use! All you need to do is select your chosen fruits and vegetables, ensuring they’re washed and prepped beforehand. After that, select the speed setting you require - there are two to choose from. Once your ingredients have been juiced, you’re free to enjoy your freshly prepared drink. The wide chute also ensures even the bigger ingredients aren’t a challenge. You’re free to enjoy your drink the way you wish, as you can trust your appliance not to let you down!

65mm diameter extra-large feeding tube available for juicing a whole apple ,carrot , pear etc
1.5 l pulp container & 500 ml juice cup stainless steel housing
Stainless steel filter basket for much sanitary
Ac 220-240 v 400 watts heating protection high-speed low-noise
Non-slip feet stainless steel filter
Double safety lock
Extra-large (75ml) feeding tube extra-large pulp container1.1L juice cup
Sleek design
2-year warranty
Easy to clean
Dual speed regulator two speed settings
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  • Model: GJE6129